Filmreihe something weird cinema - The Saw is the Law #02
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Die Saw-Family, die jetzt in den unterirdischen Katakomben eines riesigen Vergnügungsparks lebt, wütet weiter in Texas und meuchelt auf offener Straße Mercedes-fahrende Yuppies dahin. Drayton Sawyer, der "Koch", verkauft dann unter der Maske des Biedermanns das selbstgeräucherte Fleisch, das sogar den großen Preis auf der Fleischmesse in Austin erhält. Texasranger Lefty Enright ist von den Kettensägen-Morden regelrecht fasziniert und verbündet sich mit Strech, der Ansagerin einer privaten Radiostation, um Leatherface und Co. zur Strecke zu bringen...
"I genuinely wish I could know what was going on in the heads of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE fans in '86 when they stepped out of the (few) theaters showing the sequel – or even its backers at B-movie studio Cannon, who footed the bill for CHAINSAW 2. What did they think about how their money was spent? Tobe Hooper's stark update of the Sawney Bean legend by way of Ed Gein had built up an almost legendary reputation for its violence and brutality in spite of a lack of onscreen bloodshed.
And 12 years later, he returned with a followup that's not only a tonal 180 from the original, replacing its almost matter-of-fact, nearly documentary style terror with buckets of gore violence in service of a splattery black comedy. The initial response wasn't kind to the movie so violent, it skipped on a rating, and so odd, the subsequent sequels pretty much pretended it didn't exist. ...
Everything is heightened in CHAINSAW 2, the gore gorier, the performances, broader, the music synth-ier. Leatherface is a sexually confused, hooting monster here, using his chainsaw in lieu of his other presumably defective equipment while "House of 1000 Corpses"/"Devil's Rejects" star Bill Mosely gives a completely unhinged performance as Chop Top. Plus, it's got Dennis Hopper wielding dual chainsaws in a battle to the death with Leatherface in the final act along with a grotesque house of pain hideout underneath an amusement park.
In one way, you can read CHAINSAW as a reaction to the increasingly bloody slasher output of the 80's, but in another, it seems like Hooper responding to calls to return to the franchise in the most aggressive way possible: by blowing it the hell up (literally). 'You want another "Chainsaw" movie? I'll give you another "Chainsaw" movie!' And in it, he bundles in everything from sexual dysfunction to a critique of capitalism and maybe even the idea of a franchise itself.
By the end of the movie, there's not a single leftover for any future filmmakers to pick over (although that didn't stop them from trying with two sequels, a remake, a prequel, and a sequel to the remake on the way)." (--- Charles Webb, MTV)
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• USA 1986
• englische Originalsprachfassung
• 96 Minuten
FSK 18 Jahre


Regie: Tobe Hooper
Drehbuch: L. M. Kit Carson
Kamera: Richard Kooris
Schnitt: Alain Jakubowicz
Darsteller:innen: Dennis Hopper, Caroline Williams, Jim Siedow, Bill Moseley









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