Cinemania-Kalk-Sommer-Reihe mit Filmen von Quentin Tarantino!
Filmvorführung am Fr 02.08.19 um 21.15 Uhr
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Das nennen wir Royal mit Käse! Von Mai bis August läuft unsere "Cinemania Kalk" Sommer-Kinoreihe mit Filmen von Quentin Tarantino! Anlässlich seines neuen Werks ONCE UPON A TIME IN... HOLLYWOOD (Kinostart 15.08.), der natürlich auch in den "Lichtspielen Kalk" gezeigt wird, zeigen wir: RESERVOIR DOGS – WILDE HUNDE (31.05.), INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS (09.06.), FROM DUSK TILL DAWN (14.06.), THE HATEFUL EIGHT (19.06.), JACKIE BROWN, KILL BILL: VOL. 1 & 2, DEATH PROOF, DJANGO UNCHAINED, PULP FICTION  und TRUE ROMANCE!
Weitere Spieltermine folgen demnächst, alle Filme laufen in der englischen Originalversion oder englischen Originalversion mit deutschen Untertiteln.

Zum Film:
PULP FICTION: Ohne jede Untertreibung der Urknall für das Tarantino Universum! Und ein unfassbarer Film, den man immer und immer wieder sehen kann!

"Quentin Tarantino is the Jerry Lee Lewis of cinema, a pounding performer who doesn't care if he tears up the piano, as long as everybody is rocking. His new movie PULP FICTION is a comedy about blood, guts, violence, strange sex, drugs, fixed fights, dead body disposal, leather freaks, and a wristwatch that makes a dark journey down through the generations. ...
The screenplay, by Tarantino and Roger Avary, is so well-written in a scruffy, fanzine way ... Like 'Citizen Kane', PULP FICTION is constructed in such a nonlinear way that you could see it a dozen times and not be able to remember what comes next. It doubles back on itself, telling several interlocking stories about characters who inhabit a world of crime and intrigue, triple-crosses and loud desperation. The title is perfect. Like those old pulp mags named 'Thrilling Wonder Stories' and 'Official Detective', the movie creates a world where there are no normal people and no ordinary days – where breathless prose clatters down fire escapes and leaps into the dumpster of doom. ...
It is part of the folklore that Tarantino used to work as a clerk in a video store, and the inspiration for PULP FICTION is old movies, not real life. The movie is like an excursion through the lurid images that lie wound up and trapped inside all those boxes on the Blockbuster shelves. Tarantino once described the old pulp mags as cheap, disposable entertainment that you could take to work with you, and roll up and stick in your back pocket. Yeah, and not be able to wait until lunch, so you could start reading them again." Roger Ebert

Die Filmprogramme von "Cinemania Kalk" finden mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Kulturamts der Stadt Köln statt!


• Crime, Drama
• USA 1994
• englische Originalsprachfassung
• 154 Minuten
FSK 16 Jahre


Regie: Quentin Tarantino
Drehbuch: Quentin Tarantino & Roger Avary
Kamera: Andrzej Sekula
Sally Menke
Darsteller: John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Tim Roth, Amanda Plummer, Eric Stoltz, Christopher Walken









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